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An Advanced Wellness Spa 
Serving Pensacola & Gulf-Breeze, FL

Wellness Spa Pensacola & Gulf-Breeze, FL
Rethinking health and the human experience through whole body sonic vibration, far infrared sauna therapy, float therapy and the Magnesphere.

Each body is different, which means each body has different needs. At our self-care center, guests can take advantage of relaxing float therapy sessions, sonic vibration platforms, far infrared saunas, and even magnetic relaxation therapy. Our carefully selected services and products help bodies of all types trigger their natural healing responses. Now you can manage pain, stress and aging without the negative side effects of pharmaceuticals. We’re here so our community can take advantage of advanced wellness technologies that will allow them to truly heal themselves. Our team is ready to share what we've learned to help you feel better and life on your terms! Call us today for more information or Book an appointment!
Wellness Spa Pensacola & Gulf-Breeze, FL

Not Your Standard Wellness Spa

We are obsessed with bringing you the most effective wellness technologies around so you can adapt to the demands of modern life without slowing down. 
“Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one.” Hans Selye

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