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3101 E. Cervantes Street | Pensacola, FL 32503 • Book your spa session 850-316-4149


It's just too easy to do things that are bad for us.  When those bad things start to accumulate, you start to feel gross, and it's time to detox.  Our services help your body get the junk out safely so you can look and feel like you always do the right thing.  No one has to know.


Eat. Sleep. Work. Repeat.  Well...minus the sleep.  Eventually, brain fog and fatigue set in and you aren't yourself anymore.  Calm your nerves and relax your aching muscles before getting the best night's sleep of your life.  Then get back to doing the things you love with more energy and peace of mind.

Pain Relief

Experience profound pain relief without having to turn to medications.  Our holistic pain management services address the root cause of most pain: chronic inflammation.  By relaxing your nervous system, increasing blood flow and accelerating lymphatic drainage, your body begins to restore itself.

Holistic Pain Management, Detox Cleanse and Relaxation
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Sonic vibration platforms get stagnant fluids in your body moving, flushing out cellular waste while relaxing tight muscles in your neck, shoulders and back. Boost your immunity, energy and mood in just 10 minutes.

Most people never think of their lymphatic system even though it has a massive effect on their health and wellbeing.  It's a system of vessels and nodes that help your body collect cellular waste and pathogens, while simultaneously delivering fats, proteins and nutrients too large to be carried by your blood vessels. 

Your lymphatic system works best when you're physically active.  If you're mostly sedentary, this system is mostly idle.  Nutrients don't get to where they're needed. Waste and pathogens build up.  Inflammation and pain set in, ruining everything.

Our customers use whole body sonic vibration to:

• Increase physical strength, dexterity, and endurance
• Increase balance and coordination

• Increase flexibility, range of motion, and mobility 
• Reduce arthritic pain
• Relieve menopausal symptoms 
• Speed recovery training
• Accelerate weight loss 
• Reduce neck and back pain
• Reduce the appearance of cellulite
• Relieve stress

Clear your skin, improve your sleep, and reduce pain, stiffness, brain fog and blood pressure...all while you relax in soothing far infrared heat. 30 minutes.

Far infrared sauna sessions significantly improve blood flow throughout the body, flushing out heavy metals and bringing oxygen rich blood to help heal damaged cells and reduce chronic inflammation. 

Infrared heat doesn't create humidity so you can breathe easy while your body pumps out endorphins, your body's natural pain killers.  Burn calories and achieve a runner's high without running? YES.
Our customers use far infrared therapy to help with a variety of other symptoms, including:

• Acne
• Anxiety
• Brain Fog
• Chronic Fatigue
• Depression
• Fibromyalgia
• Heavy Metal Toxicity
High Blood Pressure
• Insomnia
• Sore Muscles
• Stiffness
• Swelling
• Weight Gain

Feel weightless in skin-temperature super-saturated epsom saltwater while pain and stress melt away. Emerge rested and unbothered, with soft, glowing skin. Peace of mind and body that can linger for days. 60 minutes.

Epsom salt is a magical mineral that, when dissolved in water, allows it to absorb into the body through the skin.  Float therapy delivers 1,000 pounds of epsom salt at once, hundreds of times more than your typical bathtub soak.  

Once inside the body, the magnesium acts as a muscle relaxer, allowing the body to achieve a deeper state of rest than would otherwise be possible.  Add to that the hundreds of other cellular processes that benefit from the magnesium and sulfate contained in epsom salt, and you have yourself a safe, relaxing alternative to dealing with your chronic pain and stress.
Our customers use float therapy, also known as sensory deprivation, to help with:

• Acne
• Anxiety
• Addiction
• Arthritis
• Creativity
• Depression
• Fibromyalgia
• High Blood Pressure
• Insomnia
• Muscle Tension
• Neuropathy
• Planning and Visualization
• Pregnancy
• Stress Relief

While you nap, precise magnetic fields relax your nerves and reduce chronic inflammation throughout your body.  Lasting relief from headaches, injuries, nerve pain, PTSD, and more, without meds. 60 minutes.

The Magnesphere helps relieve symptoms from the following conditions:

• Bone Trauma/Post Surgery
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Cervical Disk Herniation
• Cervical Myofascial Pain
• Cervical Neuralgia/Radicular Pain
• Cervical Strain/Whiplash
• Fibromyalgia
• Groin Pull
• Hamstring Pain
• Headaches (All types)
• Joint Pain/Stiffness
• Lumbar Disk Herniation
• Lumbar Strain 
• Osteoarthritis (mild to severe) 
• Rheumatoid Arthritis
• Sciatica
• Shoulder Dislocation
• Shoulder Strain 
• Shoulder/Rotator Cuff Pain 
• Sprain/Fracture
• Sprain: Ligament Trauma 
• Stiffness (General) 
• Tendon and Ligament Trauma
• Tendonitis

• Addiction
• Alzheimer’s and Memory Loss
• Anxiety/PTSD
• Autism Spectrum Disorder
• Cranial Nerve Neuralgia
• Depression 
• Headache, Tension, Stress
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Parkinson’s Disease
• Trigeminal Neuralgia 

• Acid Reflux/GERD
• Allergies
• Blood Pressure (High)
• Chemotherapy
• Colds & Flu 
• Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy 
• Gout
• Heart Rhythm Irregularities 
• Lungs (Respiratory Problems)
• Lupus
• Lyme Disease
• Lymphedema
• Non-Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy
• Sleep Issues/Insomnia
• Stroke 
• Wound Healing

Gift Certificates for Our Wellness Spa!

Give the gift of holistic pain relief and detox. We have gift certificates available so that you can always give the perfect gift to your friends and family. If you know someone that struggles with chronic pain and stress, our treatments are the perfect way to give them something they truly need: to feel like themselves again. 

The best part? Our friendly and knowledgeable staff members will talk with you about the person the gift is for, and we’ll suggest the best sessions for your friend or loved one. This way, your gift certificate can cover the full cost of the service and the recipient won’t have to worry about a thing!

Contact our wellness spa today to learn more about our gift certificates. 

or call 850-316-4149 to make an appointment
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